Why you need to hire a Chief Community Officer (and why “community” and scale are often opposites)

  • The best communities tend to bring together people around a shared identity, practice or belief (eg: playing football, time spent volunteering is important to me, I love to review restaurants, I’m Jewish).
  • Broadcast channels aren’t communities. You’ve got to participate and listen more than you talk.
  • You don’t own a community; you influence, co-create and curate it.
  • Community building is a skill, but one tech has historically not wanted to pay for.
  • Community never has and likely never will be valued the way software engineering is in the industry, although I’d argue humans are at least as complex as code.



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Sarah Drinkwater

Sarah Drinkwater


Free agent — angel @Atomico, ex @OmidyarNetwork @CampusLondon. Into web3, communities, London, looks and books.