The responsible tech movement is held back because we don’t know what to call it

  • Principled (although of course this depends on whose principles..)
  • Restorative, regenerative; I really liked Sara Hendren post on repair
  • Progressive tech, which nicely and, I think, rightly suggests there is more innovation to be had here
  • Equitable, just, accountable, inspired by Sacha Constanza-Cook’s Design Justice
  • Tech for the public interest (I’ve always seen this as rooted in govtech but that could be just me)
  • Society centred design, led by Projects by IF
  • Flip to more strongly label current dominant platforms as what they are; extractive, reductive, etc. After all, why does only the responsible or “for good” thing have to be named?
  • Mintech as in minimising harms, with the Small Tech foundation as a great resource



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Sarah Drinkwater

Sarah Drinkwater

Free agent — angel @Atomico, ex @OmidyarNetwork @CampusLondon. Into web3, communities, London, looks and books.