How I invest at Common Magic (or, rather, things I believe to be true)

Sarah Drinkwater
2 min readAug 2, 2023

With my fund Common Magic newly live, I want to make it really easy for founders to know if my fund could be a fit for them.

Founders are the experts in their specific domains, of course, but there are lots of beliefs I hold that influence the decisions I make, and the kind of companies I like to invest in. This doc is a living and breathing list I’ll add to as my beliefs evolve or change; if you have 30 minutes, this 20Angel podcast could be another good introduction to me (I really enjoyed it).

Humans are toolmakers; I like products that enable users to be active not passive.

There should be many more technologies that centre privacy.

I like “Githubs for [field where there is currently no Github]”

Freedom is one of my highest values; I like companies that enable this for as many people as possible (could be economic freedom, mental, social, spiritual). Related; new power.

Just because a company is B2B doesn’t mean it can’t have the taste and style of a B2C company. People who work in companies are still people, and delightful experiences should be for everyone.

Advertising doesn’t work, or only works for very distinct transactions or companies. I don’t fund purely advertising-based models.

Some of the hardest problems of our time aren’t technical but social. Related; there’s deep commercial opportunity in products that enable alignment.

Companies built bottom up versus top down tend to be more resilient.

The best companies build worlds. That could mean distinct & deep internal cultures or through the look and feel of what they build.



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