A starter kit for building community strategy

  • What are the goals for your company or project?
  • How could community building — building with people, not for them — bring you closer to those goals and reiterate your values in the process?
  • If you launch work to nurture your community, who in your company or group will need time to do this work well?
  • If your community are important external stakeholders, who are the internal versions?
  • How did they find you?
  • What’s motivated their involvement so far?
  • What do they care about?
  • What must any community your company nurtures offer?
  • Which virtual space your community gathers in (Some folks get so stuck on this but the only right answer is; where people already are. Nobody is in love with Discord but if you’re working in web3, you’re probably going to want to be there. Similarly, if you’re speaking to enterprise sales folks, don’t use Discord)
  • Internal education to help others in your company or project understand community work
  • The token through which you denote membership, governance rights or more
  • Values or code of conduct new joiners must abide by
  • The right metrics (too much talk about being “data-driven” but what’s valuable isn’t the data but the insights it gives you, so choose wisely. Growth alone is rarely the right metric for community)
  • Clear and powerful norms around onboarding (How someone is welcomed into an existing group is critical)
  • A sense of how we want to be together (includes how you celebrate and how disagreement or disputes are handled)
  • The repetition of the shared mission (reading this piece about what DAOs can learn from AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) reminded me most meaningful communities have a strong sense of who they are and why they’re gathered)
  • Regular formats, online or offline, for folks to come together, learn and discuss; reliability and repeatability helps build in routine
  • Mechanisms to collect feedback
  • What it means for someone to be elevated into a power user or ambassador role



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Sarah Drinkwater

Sarah Drinkwater


Free agent — angel @Atomico, ex @OmidyarNetwork @CampusLondon. Into web3, communities, London, looks and books.