A few months ago, a complete stranger gave me $10,000. Here’s what I did with it.

The next day, this appeared in my inbox
Grateful to Canva but wow. Don’t quit the day job.
  1. Monwara Ali at Waltham Forest Community Hub to run a pensioner’s picnic in the summer
  2. Nathan Appleyard to stage a local exhibition focused on E17 skateboarders
  3. Roushka Boyd to expand the Floral Project
  4. Deborah Chandler and the Bushwood ensemble to stage informal classical music sessions locally
  5. Helen Crockford to keep Walthamstow Toy Library in hot drinks for the summer
  6. Lucy Dear to run “healthy relationship” classes at BCE college
  7. To Anonymous to transform a community garden
  8. Lizzie Gilson to create a documentary to showcase everything the Hornbeam does
  9. Vicky Grandon to buy a laptop for local foodbank PL84U
  10. Duncan Hall to run a picnic party for the kids he teaches
  11. Petra Haynes to create a mural outside East of Eden
  12. Samuel Higginson to celebrate his NHS hero partner, Joel
  13. DCR James to create a book-themed treasure hunt for children in Lloyd Park
  14. Ashton Jones-Frame to create materials around his experience of being a budding fashion stylist and football player as a Black man
  15. Louise Khaleda-Thompson and the Queen’s Road collective to maintain the station’s flowers
  16. Rachel Lyon to buy sensory toys for small people with autism at a local primary school
  17. Sean Rodrigo to 3D print one of his mini food banks to nudge local donations and act as a community pantry
  18. Shaunna Lee Rushton for free food stall in Stoneydown park to assist those without homes
  19. Sebastian Salek to help run secret stag and hen parties for James and Kirsty
  20. Tasnim Sultanah for bringing Bangladeshi food to allotments through stories and supper community



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Sarah Drinkwater

Sarah Drinkwater

Free agent — angel @Atomico, ex @OmidyarNetwork @CampusLondon. Into web3, communities, London, looks and books.